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Purnima collection

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Purnima collection

Felt products



Namaste and welcome to our website.

My name is Madan Neupane and I grew up in a village in rural Nepal. When I was 2 years old my mother had an accident which left her physically disabled. In 2006 my wife gave birth to our beautiful, God-given daughter, Smritee . She is a very social, joyful little girl, but she is slightly different from the other young girls. She is disabled.

Our situation brought us to an understanding of the difficulties that physically challenged people and their families face. I know that they are fully capable of becoming more independent by learning a profession and life skill through which they can help themselves and their families financially. 

I currently work as a trekking guide in the Himalayan Mountains. During my time here, deep in the mountain villages, I have met many physically challenged people, including youth. As you can imagine, their life-situation is very difficult. 

Since 2006 we have been running a handicraft workshop, focusing on felt crafts made of merino wool, a Nepali specialty.

Combining the abilities of these people with handicaps, with the experience of an age old tradition, we have decided to change our business. We have invited several handicapped youth to come and work with us. Many of these people currently live with my family and we not only care for their basic needs, we also provide employment opportunities for them. Instead of wasting time waiting for the days to pass by in boredom and helplessness, they are learning a profession, making friends and earning money. They are very happy!

I would like to invite you to have a look at our products. 


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