Gov. Regd No.: 65302/066/067
PAN No: 303818083

purnima collection purnima collection purnima collection purnima collection purnima collection purnima collection purnima collection purnima collection
Purnima collection

Felt products

Purnima collection

Felt products



Purnima Collection is one of the Handicrafts selling company of Nepal, authorized by Nepal government.  It has been leading manufacture of  woolen felt Handicrafts in  different designs, sizes and of its colors and  as well as  collecting different kinds of Crafts Items from different part of Nepal according to the customer's wants. Purnima collection serves Nepali traditional Art and expertise of handicrafts,    this mean it collects various types of handicrafts items from different part of Nepal and exports them to its customer to abroad or in local market.

Nepal, one of a poor but developing country. People in Nepal are suffering from hunger, diseases and miserable living conditions.  Access to health and medical care is very limited and lack of knowledge about basic hygiene causes diseases that could have been prevented with little effort. The illiteracy rate is high especially among women, girls and people belonging to the lower casts who furthermore suffer from discrimination and exploitation. All these problems are caused of that Nepal is a poor, undeveloped country. Job opportunity and another business chances are hard to create. Thus Purnima Collection's core objective is attracting people into the crafts works, in various sectors and types then starts their own business from their home.  At the moment of getting big popularity of handicrafts items instate of machine made products in the world, we try our best to promote Nepali traditional Arts, Expertise and crafts  works to the international market.

Develop Impact,  

Purnima Collection's core objective is capacity building in such   fields that enables people in Nepal to improve their every day lives and in the long perspective to improve the lives of future generations. It is therefore Purnima Collection's impact and its contribution   will be based on following development goals:

Employment:  Purnima Collection will   provide job directly and indirectly to the   people in Nepal.  It will provide job directly  to  the people who works in such field or have such expert  and indirectly people  who products the raw materials in local resources   like wool, hemp bamboos Nepali paper plants and more  and  process it  Into  soft,  also  they can get  job  indirectly because  we  by from  them.

Quality of living standers: people in Nepal are very poor and many unemployment, so living standards also in poor condition. People who will concern with crafts works and productions business directly or indirectly, they can improve there living standards.

Income: When people be employ, or involve with this crafts works they can  make  income. With  this  business  people  directly  make  income  who will  employing  on this   work and  indirectly, , people who concern  with the local resource of crafts materials, make  income, their self   from this  business.

Knowledge  and skills:  In  Nepal  here is big  problem  of  brain-drain  in  society. That is because no opportunity of an alternative job and business chances.  So many young generations are in abroad for job. Therefore Purnima Collection's objective is capacity build in such field.  So  it  may help to create  and promote  various  new  occupation to  people  and  professionalize  people  to  create micro economic  from this  work and skill.

Agreement on the Business in Development

Purnima  Collection and Exports Pvt. Ltd. is agreeing with following guidelines of business in development:

General:                                Respect human rights contribute to sustainable development and the employee's further education

Information:                         Offer adequate information, financial as well as other, related to business activity, products and services.

Employees:                            respect the employee's union rights, co-operate in various ways with the representatives of the employees and counteract child labour   inform                     about                                           reduce the negative consequences of any shutdowns.

Environment:                        strive for continuous improvement. Protect the environment, health and safety, for example by environmental management systems and apply the principle of caution develop and supply products without inappropriate.

Corruption:                           Never offer bribes. Promote openness and the employee's awareness about the company's policy regarding bribes and kickbacks.

Interest to customer:            Give information about products to the customer and establish routines to solve customer controversies.

Taxes:                                     Pay taxes in time. 

Main objectives of Purnima Crafts collection and exports Pvt. Ltd.
  •               Purnima collection is one of a profitable private limited company (organization), authorized firms by Nepal government's company registration office.        
15% to 20%   of  yearly net    profit of this business    will be donated specially for the "Disable Care Home" that has been organizing by purnima Collection .
  •            Purnima collection will help to create and promote various new occupations to people.
  •            It will help to minimize the high poverty and unemployment.
  •           It brings to use the local resources from rural area, where people are depending on such profession.

It will help to create micro economy to poor people.


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